The Timer feature is integrated inside the application  

This new functionality allows the Innovent ConnextIntegration tool to run stand alone by simply clicking on the Timer button

Once Clicked, the button will flash showing that the process is running. The Timer will execute both the Retrieve and Export of valid items at the intervals set in configuration screen.


 Go to the configuration screen, Advanced tab. You will see configuration values both for timer and email settings.

The Timer Control will enable the export process to occur every X minutes. The Email Settings allow you to connect to your own SMTP server so that export logs can be sent to you.  Please make sure you run Test Email before saving these settings.    

You can see the run results at anytime via your task bar icon by right clicking on the icon.

Task bar system tray 

Last run time and results can now be see on the task bar system tray via right click. On auto runs you will also be able to view the details of that run by clicking on the "Last run..." item on the right click menu.

You can also open the full log file and hide/show the integration tool.  This can be useful when you just want to have the process running in the background.  

If you are running the process automatically via timer,  we highly recommend you check regularly  or have email report enabled so you are aware if it is running correctly. There is no way for the application to tell you its not running if it has crashed.

Remember the Autorun timer ONLY EXPORTS VALID ITEMS.

We do now have a task bar pop up to notify you when the process has run.