The multi configuration functionality is only available to Multi Config paid license users, please contact us if you want this function enabled if you do not currently have it.  

This functionality allows you to use multiple configurations with in the integration tool,  this is useful when you have multiple  MYOB files that you feed data to from Connectwise.

If you have this enabled you will see a drop down box on the top menu bar which represents the current configuration you are connected to.


 Go to the configuration screen,  click on the plus button to add a new configuration

A pop up screen will open and you can add a name relevant to how you want the new configuration represented

Please note that this configuration will not save until you either run the tests and Save like you would normally or you switch to a new configuration on the drop down list.

You will be able to set up your new configuration how ever you want and it will be independent of you main set up.

You will see this in your configuration screens config drop down

Once tested and saved the main screen will load with which ever configuration screen you have had loaded,   it will also display the current MYOB File name in the title bar for easy reference.

Further specific multiple MYOB File configuration can be found here