Firstly Make sure you run the Integration Tool as ADMINISTRATOR
Kill all MYOB connections and In Memory processes.

The MYOB ODBC driver requires Read and Write access to specific folders in order to function properly. 

This is typically a problem when running third-party software from a Terminal Server environment. In those environment, IT Administrators typically lock things down to ensure nothing breaks. As a first step, we recommend you get your IT Administrator to verify your permissions and grant you Full Control to the following locations.

  • The folder containing your MYOB data file;
  • The folder containing the MYOB ODBC driver (e.g. c:\MYOBODBCAU10\);
  • The folder containing the MYOB application (e.g. C:\Premier19\);
  • The folder containing DirectDebitsLink (e.g. C:\DirectDebitsLink v3.0.0.0\);
  • The file ntdll.dll used for the SendMessage API (e.g. C:\Winnt\System32\ntdll.dll);