This article explains some configuration changes you need to make to your MYOB AccountRight API in order to properly function with this integration. This article applies to you only if you host MYOB on your own server. If you use MYOB's cloud then skip this article.

You need to follow these steps before you use the integration app for the first time and every time you upgrade MYOB, as the upgrade process usually reverts the configuration.

What you will need is the following software installed:

  • MYOB AccountRight Server Edition, installed on your server (on client desktops you will need the PC edition of MYOB AccountRight)
  • The MYOB AccountRight API, installed on your server

Before your start:

Follow these steps to verify the state of your MYOB AccountRight API in order to find out if you need to follow the steps in this article.

To do this, you will need to be on your MYOB Server. 

  • Make sure the API is installed and running. To verify this, open the Task Manager and check that the following services are running:
    MYOB AccountRight Server xxxx.x (version number)
    MYOB AccountRight Library
    MYOB AccountRight Server Locator

  • Open a browser and enter this URL: http://localhost:8080/AccountRight/
    This is the link to test your MYOB AccountRight API. If it's installed properly then you should see a page similar to this one:
    If the page does not exist or it shows any error messages, then your MYOB API is not installed properly. You will need to install or fix your MYOB API.

    The page lists all of your company MYOB files. You should find your company data file here, among a list of some test files that come with MYOB AccountRight.

    Take notice of the URI values of all companies. If they all start with http://localhost like in the sample picture above then you will need to follow the steps in the section below titled "Steps to change the API's URI". The expected result is that the URIs in that list contain your server's actual network name instead of localhost. Note that every time you upgrade MYOB to a newer version, these URIs may end up reverted back to localhost, so you will need to repeat these steps if that happens.

Steps to change the API's URI:

  1. Make sure all users are out of MYOB, then stop the API Service. To do this, open the Task Manager on the server and stop MYOBAPIService.
  2. On the server, open the C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\API folder. In this folder you will find a subfolder representing the version number of the MYOB API you have installed. Example of a folder name: 2.0.2021.1. There is a chance you will find more than one folder, which can happen over time as you install upgrades to MYOB. In that case, open the folder with the highest numeric value. Inside you should find a file called MYOB.AccountRight.API.WindowsServiceHost.exe.config. Open it with a text editor such as Notepad.
  3. The file is in XML format. Find the PublicAddressServer, PublicAddressPort and InstallationAddress entries under the appSettings node

    Change localhost for the name of the server or its IP address in both the PublicAddressServer and the InstallationAddress entries. You can leave the port number to 8080 as per default. For example, if your server's network name is myserver, then replace those settings by the following:
  4. Save the file and start the MYOBAPIService again.
  5. Test the API again by opening this on the browser on the server: http://localhost:8080/AccountRight/ and verify that in the list of MYOB company files, their API URIs are now using the server name instead of localhost. In our example, you should see results like these, only instead of "myserver" you should see your own server's name you set up in the configuration file:

After following these steps, you should now be able to connect from the integration app.