This article explains the basics on how to define what set of general ledger accounts will be used for exporting transactions into MYOB. This refers to income accounts for sales (4 series), cost of sales for purchases (5 series) and inventory accounts for both sales and purchases (1 series) if you will be willing to track inventory in MYOB.

A few considerations on the available GL account mappings:

  1. You will be defining all these GL account mappings in a special module within Connectwise designed for this purpose.
  2. These settings will be applied to invoices at the time the invoice is being closed in Connectwise, i.e. when you change the billing status to Closed (or any of the custom statuses defined as Closed).
  3. In the case of expenses, they will be applied when the expense is approved.
  4. In the case of purchase orders, individual items within a purchase will have these GL accounts applied when they are received and closed.
  5. Any of these will also make the transaction ready for export and will make it visible in Innovent's integration application.
  6. The computation of these GL accounts is done entirely in Connectwise, not by Innovent's integration application, and uses options available in Connectwise. Innovent's integration application is not in control of these computations and just exports transactions into MYOB with the GL accounts already set in Connectwise. In the following sections below we will explain the most common scenarios on how you can map these GL accounts, however you should refer to your updated documentation on Connectwise on how to create other types of mapping not covered here.

Before you start:

Before you define your mappings, make sure you have first followed the steps defined in the Initial Configuration of the Connectwise Accounting Package article. You will need to follow those steps only once.

Where do I create these mappings:

To create your mappings, in Connectwise, open the GL Accounts module which can be accessed by navigating to System > Setup Tables, then search by the "General Ledger" category, and select the GL Accounts table. This will bring up the general ledger list.

You will probably find the list already populated with some default values that you may want to edit, or add new ones. Each one of these items represents a specific GL account mapping that will be applied to a transaction detail based on the nature of the items: for products, time entries, expenses, etc. Please ensure every account number entered here is a valid account number in your MYOB Company File Accounts List

Click on the links below for a more detailed explanation on how to define you mappings for the most common scenarios: