Product Licensing

ConnectWise Integration for MYOB uses licensing technology to prevent it from being copied illegally. Innovent Business Solutions has taken great efforts to minimise the steps users have to perform to correctly license ConnectWise Integration for MYOB.

Licensing is based on an annual subscription period. When your subscription expires, the application will cease functioning and you will be required to renew your licence. Each time you start the application, a notification will appear indicating when your subscription has 28 days or less to run before it expires.

You can also see when your subscription expires on the top right corner of the main screen. When you renew your licence it is renewed from the date it would expire, not from the date you renew it. You will not be disadvantaged by renewing your licence early.

During your subscription period, you are entitled to updates to ConnectWise Integration for MYOB that contain new features, bug fixes and security updates. The application will alert you when a new version becomes available.

The information Innovent Business Solutions collects to license ConnectWise Integration for MYOB is used to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest product enhancements and to notify you promptly of any bug fixes or security updates.

Please direct any licence questions to