Export Invoice Payments

To transfer payments against an invoice from MYOB back to ConnectWise use this screen. To access it use the following filters:

  • Set the first filter to “Export Payments to ConnectWise”.
  • Payment date between – Date range for the invoice payments. If an invoice has been partially paid, it looks for the most recent payment date.


The screen will show all invoices from MYOB where a payment transaction was registered within the indicated dates. If an invoice has been paid partially in different times, then it looks for the most recent one.

The result list shows the following information per invoice:

  • Company – The customer name.
  • Invoice Number – The document number.
  • Document Date – The invoice date.
  • Total – Invoices total amount.
  • Date of Last Payment – Date of the most recent payment against this invoice. This is the amount that will be exported to ConnectWise.
  • Credit – Any returns and credits if available.
  • Total Paid – Accumulated amount paid against this invoice.
  • Total to apply – The amount to be applied to ConnectWise, which is the total paid +/- the credits.
  • Outstanding – Outstanding balance for this invoice.

Screen Functions



Retrieve Data

Retrieves invoices from MYOB based on the parameters specified on the screen.


All transaction lines will be expanded.


All transaction lines will be hidden.

Exclude All

All transactions on screen will be excluded from the export.

Exclude None

All transactions on screen will not be excluded from the export.

Export to MYOB

Exports Invoice Payments into ConnectWise which have not been excluded.

Export Results

When the export process has completed any errors encountered while writing to ConnectWise will be displayed on screen the same way as for the process of exporting from ConnectWise into MYOB explained above.

Once Exported

Once payments have been exported, they will be shown with a green icon on the list, signifying they are now exported. They will also look greyed out so that you can't export them again. However, if you refresh this list, those payments will appear as though they are ready to be exported.  This happens because our integration tool has no way of saving the exported status of payments. This information cannot be saved either in MYOB or in Connectwise.

This will not represent an issue of duplication of information. If you export the same payment again, a successful message will appear but the payment will not be duplicated in Connectwise. 


If you are not receiving any Payments from MYOB into the integration system,  there are a couple of things to check,   MYOB Invoice  status must be one of  O','C','R','P','CP','CR'   also LastPaymentDate IsNot Nothing AndAlso (invoicesummary.LastPaymentDate >= DateFrom And invoicesummary.LastPaymentDate <= DateTo)