Export to MYOB

This screen is used to export transactions from ConnectWise PSA into MYOB. Unposted transactions are retrieved from ConnectWise PSA using the parameters entered on this screen.

  • Set the first filter to “Export to MYOB”.
  • Thru Date – Unposted Invoices and Inventory will be retrieved from ConnectWise up to this date.
  • Include Invoices – Invoices will be exported.
  • Include Inventory – Inventory will be exported.


Do not allow multiple users to export to MYOB at the same time as there is a high probability that the transactions could be duplicated in MYOB.

ConnectWise Integration for MYOB does not support an MYOB Roll Back function. It is recommended that users back up their MYOB File before exporting to MYOB.



Screen Functions




The Configuration screen will be displayed.


The About screen will be displayed.

Version History

Provides information on the changes introduced in this and previous versions of this application.


Exits the program

Retrieve Data

Retrieves ConnectWise data based on the parameters specified on the screen.


All transaction lines will be expanded.


All transaction lines will be hidden.

Exclude All

All transactions on screen will be excluded from the export.

Exclude None

All transactions on screen will not be excluded from the export.


Exports ConnectWise transactions into MYOB which have not been excluded.

Update Licence

Click this button after a licence registration or renewal to update the current licence.