The objective of the ConnectWise Integration for MYOB is to provide ConnectWise Manage customers with a simple and user-friendly integration for MYOB accounting packages. This application is installed as a Microsoft Windows desktop application. It communicates seamlessly with ConnectWise Manage using API Web services and exports to MYOB using the API's both on the Connectwise and MYOB side[1].



This manual provides instructions on how to:

  • Register for a licence to use our software
  • Install and configure our integration software
  • Export Invoices from Connectwise to MYOB
  • Export Procurements (Purchases) from Connectwise to MYOB
  • Export Expense Claims from Connectwise to MYOB
  • Export Received Payments (Customer Payments) for Invoices from MYOB back into Connectwise



Please note this document does assume a working knowledge of Connectwise and MYOB.



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