As part of ConnectWise security upgrades you are required to connect to Connectwise via our integration tool using Connectwise's new API version 2.5 or 3.0. You can select the version of the API in the Configuration screen of the integration application. Before you do so, there are some preparation steps you will need to follow.


1.  Log into ConnectWise Manage.

2.  Click on your user menu at the top right of the screen and from the drill-down menu select My Account.

3. Select the API Keys tab

4.  Click on the + symbol to add a new key. In the screen that appears, enter a description to name these keys. You can name this whatever you want. Example: My API Keys. Leave the Public Key and Private Key both empty and click the Save icon button (not the Save and Close one).

5. When you save it, you will see both the Public and Private Keys automatically generated. Example:

Note that the keys you see on the image above are only an example. Your system will generate unique keys for you. Do not close this window yet. If you close it, you will not be able to see the private key anymore, and you will need this in one of the steps below.


6. Launch the Innovent integration app and open the Configuration screen. In the API Version section, select 3.0. You may also use 2.5, although that is an old version of Connectwise's API and they recommend the use of their API version 3.0.

7. With that version selected you will see fields to enter a public and a private API key. Copy them from the screen you left off in Connectwise.

8. Click the Test Connection button and you should see a successful connection. Then save these configurations.

9. Now you may close the screen in Connectwise where you created your API Key. Note that when you open the key again, you will not be able to see the private key anymore. If you need to reconfigure the connection, simply create a new Key. You can delete Keys you no longer need.