The Integration configuration screen could throw an exception when-

  • Config file is copied from another user/machine to run the application on a different server/machine,
  • Some config export setting is missing , Or
  • If network library is used then MYOB API’s public address is not pointing to correct network address/IP address

Step A-> Remove the old config setting from the Integration app by renaming the existing config file. To rename config file, open File Explorer and type %appdata% in the Address bar and open Innovent folder (full path is User name -> AppData -> Roaming -> Innovent)

Rename the existing file to ConnectWise.MyobLiveIntegration.Main_old

Step B-> If you are using Network Library, then the public address on the server needs to get set to the correct network address. The default address is localhost.

In order to change the public address and point to network address, please follow the steps below-

1. Locate the MYOB API running service and stop it.

2. Open the MYOB API config file MYOB.AccountRight.API.WindowsServiceHost.exe.config, located on the server at C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\API\2.x.x.x\

3. In the config file, under <appSettings> there should be a PublicAddressServer key and InstallationAddress key.

Update the corresponding values with the correct IP address or DNS name for the server.

After updating the app settings, save the config file and restart the AccountRight Live API service to apply these changes.

Step C-> Start the Integration application

  • Enter details to setup connections to MYOB & ConnectWise then test connections to these applications to make sure they are integrated successfully.
  • Configure MYOB export related settings. It consists of various Export Setting tabs->

Please make sure all Create card checkboxes are ticked.

  • Enter appropriate tax codes.

Save all the config settings and click on Retrieve data button. On closing and restarting the application, user should see the Export transaction screen