This is a MYOB ODBC generated error and could happen due to the following two reasons-

1. If you were trying to export credit note then setting in MYOB displays Accounts by name and not number. To resolve this->

  • Open MYOB.
  • Go to Setup > Preferences.
  • Select Windows tab.
  • Uncheck the option Select and Display Account Name, not Account Number.

2. This error can also be caused by some linked account being invalid or deselected in MYOB. If you have not setup foreign currency accounts, then you need to deselect  "I deal in multiple currencies" option, found under Setup -> Preferences -> System tab

If you do, then please check the linked accounts by going into Setup > Linked Accounts, and verify a link exists for each of the linked accounts-

1. Tax Codes Linked Accounts

  • Go to the Lists menu, choose Tax Codes then select a tax code from the list.
  • Specify a Linked Account for Tax Collected and a Linked Account for Tax Paid.
  • Repeat for other required tax codes in the list.

2. Sales/Purchases Linked Accounts

  • Go to the Setup menu, choose Linked Accounts then Sales Accounts.
  • Ensure every item that is ticked, has a linked account.
  • Repeat for Purchases.

3. Foreign Currency Linked Accounts

  • Go to the Lists menu and choose Currencies.
  • Choose a foreign currency and click the Payable Accounts tab.
  • Specify Linked Accounts for all required fields.