The AccountRight API is the service that needs to be running in order to connect from an external application. 

To verify that the service is running, open the Task Manager and view the Services tab. Make sure that the following services are running:

  • MYOBAPIService
  • MYOB AccountRight Server 2016.3 (or the one corresponding to the version of MYOB AccountRight you have)
  • MYOB AccountRight Library
  • MYOB AccountRight Server Locator


You may use the following link from the MYOB online guide on how to install the API, however this still has images from the version up until 2016.2 with the icon on the task bar no longer available in 2016.3 but the installation process is similar.

A way to test is by opening this URL (http://localhost:8080/AccountRight) on your browser. If it shows the company files then it can be a good sign the API is active.

Note: That link is to be tested from your MYOB server itself. To test the connection from a different computer in your network, replace localhost by the actual domain name or IP address of your server. 8080 is the default port used by MYOB, so you can change it if you are using a different one.

If you had a previous version of MYOB installed on your computer, uninstall it and then reinstall the API for the current version of MYOB you have. Also, please go through recommendations mentioned the link above.

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