Use this option if you have a list of transactions (invoices, purchase orders, expenses) that you do not wish to export to MYOB for some reason, e.g. if you have alredy exported them manually.

To do this follow these steps:

1. Open the Accounting Inferface module in Connectwise. You will find tabs called Unposted Invoices, Unported Expenses and Unposted Procurement which contain all the transactions ready to be exported. That is the same list of transactions you can see listed in the integration tool.

2. Open the Unposted Invoices tab and tick the invoices that you want to purge from the list.

3. Open the Unposted Expenses tab and tick all the expenses you want to purge from the list. If you do not use the integration app to export expenses at all then it is advisable to purge all expenses to keep the list light.

4. Open the Unposted Procurement tab and tick all the purchase orders you want to purge from the list.

5. Now open the Creation tab 

5.1 Make sure Include Invoices, Include Expenses and Include Procurement Items are all ticked.

5.2 Enter a Batch Number. Suggested: today's date as a sequence of year, month day to make it unique.

5.3 Click the Export button

5.4 It will then ask you to save a file. Save it on your disk. You can later discard that file.

With this you should now see those transactions gone from the three tabs in this module. They will also be gone from the list in the integration app next time you refresh it.