Use this option to properly export the billing terms of an invoice into MYOB and get the Due Date calculated correctly.

The Billing Term is selected in the invoice in Connectwise as seen in the image below:


The list of available terms can be configured in the Billing Terms table found in the in the Setup Tables module in Connectwise. 


To enable the exporting of payment terms, we will need to map all of the payments terms you have in Connectwise. To do this, open the Configuration screen of the integration software, and under the Export Settings tab locate the Payment Terms section.


Tick the box next to the "Do you use Payment Terms?" question to enable this feature. If you leave this unticked, invoices will be exported with a default payment term applied to all invoices.

Once the box is ticked, a button will appear to its right to configure the payment terms. Click that button.


A pop up screen will come up.


This is where we will add all the billing terms you have in Connectwise. Start by typing the name of a billing term in the box for the Connectwise Billing Term Name like so:


To add another billing term click the Add New Payment Term Mapping button.


For each payment term you add, select the right choice of a payment term type that is understood by MYOB.

Options are:

  • C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery)
  • Prepaid
  • In a Given # of Days
  • On a Day of the Month
  • # of Days after EOM
  • Day of Month after EOM

With this you will be giving meaning to each one of your billing terms from Connectwise so that MYOB can properly calculate the Due Date based on the given number of days set up in the billing term.

You must add all of the billing terms and associate them with the right choice of payment term type.

Important: Enter the Billing Term names to match exactly the names found in Connectwise.

The following image shows all payment terms added to our list. Now we can save this configuration.


With this option, our invoice will now be exported with the right payment term. Example below: