The description that goes in each invoice or purchase detail line is controlled by Connectwise and cannot be manually edited or mapped.

The description you will expect to see for certain types of details are:

  • For products, it will be the name of the product.
  • For timesheets, it will be the word "Time".
  • For expenses, it will be "External Expense" or "Internal Expense"
  • (etc)

See following example of an invoice containing a product, a time entry and an expense.

There is, though, a way to show a more detailed description in these lines that can bring more meaning to them when exported to MYOB.

To activate this option, open the ConfigurationĀ screen from the main menu of the integration application. Under the Export Settings tab find the Invoice Detail Option selector.

Change this to Detailed.

Now descriptions will contain richer information. See image below.

A few considerations to bear in mind:

  • This option only affects invoices.
  • This option does not affect products. They will always display the name of the product.
  • Time entries will now show details of the ticket it came from instead of the word "Time".
  • Expenses will now show the expense type.
  • These descriptions are controlled by Connectwise, not by this integration software.