This article explains how to map a Category for invoices, expenses and purchases.


The category is a field with options available in a dropdown list applicable to sales and purchases. This feature does not come enabled in MYOB by default. Turn on categories by opening the Setup menu in MYOB, then Preferences. Under the System tab you'll find the option to enable categories. Once turned on, you can define your list of available categories under the Lists menu, then Categories.

This concept does not exist in Connectwise, so there is no direct field to map this information from. but you will still be able to map it as explained below.

What can we map a Category to in Connectwise?

With our integration, you can use map a category to:

  1. A default category for all documents.
  2. An option defined with the GL Account mappings.
  3. Do not export categories at all.

The following explains in detail how to map categories using the above options.

Using a default category for all documents

This option will set the same category to all invoices and purchases exported from Connectwise. This option can be useful if we need a category in MYOB to differentiate between documents that came from Connectwise and any other documents.

To do this, open the Configuration screen from the main menu of the integration application, and under the Export Settings tab find the Categories section.

Select the option: "I will use a default Category"


In the box type in the Category ID defined in MYOB.

Important: this category will need to exist in MYOB.



Use an option defined with the GL Account mappings

If using a static category for all documents is not an option, you can make use of the GL Accounts module in Connectwise to define your own mapping from a list of available options.

To do this, open GL Accounts in the Setup Tables in Connectwise.

Add a new record.


Account Type:

Pick either:

      • Accounts Receivable: to create a mapping for invoices.
      • Accounts Payable: to create a mapping for purchases / expenses.



Options are:

      • My Company: Owner. This is a global option across the company. Only one option available.
      • My Company: Structure. Use this to map a category to a 'structure', that is, to a location.
      • My Company: Groups. Use this to map a category to a 'group', that is, a service group.


Pick the value according to the selected table.


Here you will enter the Category ID.


The following example defines a category "TAMPA" for invoices in the Tampa Office location.


We will need this category to exist in MYOB:


Do not export categories at all

This is the default option if you do not need to map categories.