Our software supports two document layouts: Item and Service.

You can use the Item layout if most of your invoices will contain products in the details and if you will be needing to map them to an Item in MYOB for inventory tracking or just for reporting purposes.

Use the Service layout if you don't need item details in the exported sales or purchases. Lines relating to products will still be exported but using just the product name as the description.

Example of an item sale

Example of a service sale

Where do I configure this?

Open the Configuration menu from the integration application's main screen.

Under the Export Settings tab find the Transaction Status section. In this section, find the Layout setting. You will see there is one for sales, another one for expenses and another one for purchases.

Please note that only service layout is available for expenses. 

Also, the location of this section may look slightly different between the edition of this integration for MYOB v19 and MYOB Live (2019 +).

Considerations to take when exporting Sales/Purchases using the Item layout

  • When exporting as item sales/purchases, our integration will also export/update the item into MYOB (if the option to do so is enabled).
  • When exporting as item sales/purchases, the GL accounts set in the mappings (income account, COGS account and inventory accounts) will be updated in the item. If the service layout is used instead, then the income or cost of sales account will be exported in the sale / purchase directly.
  • When using the item layout for either sales or purchases, MYOB will expect that every single item in them is related to an item. The export will fail if the document contains items without any items. For example time entries, downpayments, etc. Please follow this link for an explanation on how to resolve this.