This article explains how to configure the General Ledger income accounts for employee times when exported as sales.

Please make sure you read this page first before continuing.

This applies for the following exportable documents:

  • Invoices: applies only to the invoice lines containing billable time entries.
  • Purchases: does not apply
  • Expenses: does not apply.

Configurable general ledger accounts:

  • Income accounts: for sales. (4 series)

Source of the times that can be mapped:

  • Applies to time entries logged in a service ticket.
  • Applies to time entries logged in a project.

How does the mapping work?

Connectwise allows you to map your GL accounts based on a variety of options.
  • By service type: for timesheets logged as part of a service ticket, we can assign GL accounts based on the service type / board.

  • By the work type

  • By the work role

  • If the time entry corresponds to a project: we can map by the project type, or create a GL mapping specific to one particular project.

Creating your mappings

  1. In Connectwise, open the GL Accounts module which can be accessed by navigating to System > Setup Tables, then search by the "General Ledger" category, and select the GL Accounts table. This will bring up the general ledger list.

  2. Create a new mapping record

  3. In the Account Type, select Revenue.

  4. In the Table, you will have the following options:
    Project Type
    Service Type
    Charge Code
    Individual Project
    Work Role
    Work Type
    Select the right option depending on your preferred mapping method. Examples of these are explained above.
    Options to map against a company group, structure (location) and company owner are also available which can be used as catch-all default options.

  5. The Record field will be loaded with the options depending on the criteria selected in the Table field. For example, if you chose Project Type, then this will list all available project types. Pick one to create the mapping against it. Same for all other criteria such as service types, work roles, etc.

  6. In the Account field enter the income account.


New or updated mappings will be applied to an invoice when it becomes closed. If an invoice is already closed, you will need to change its status back to any other status (example: New), save it, then close it again for the changes in the GL settings to apply. Similar situation for expenses and purchase orders: note that in the case of purchase orders,  every item is received/closed individually. For more details on this, please refer to your Connectwise documentation.


This is a screenshot of the integration software showing invoices ready for export. Invoice 288 is highlighted in red. .

You can click the red exclamation mark icon to view the details of all error messages. In this exercise we will focus on the one about the time entry.

A note about the description shown for time entries:
The description will be the word "Time", however you can use a more detailed description by changing a setting in the Configuration screen. For more information refer to the article about Level of details in invoice descriptions.

In the validation message above we can see there are two different types of issues. One is that the Item Number is not entered. This is happening because we are trying to export this invoice as an Item Sale and this invoice detail does not have an Item Number. The following article explains all about that case: Exporting service invoices that include timesheets and other non inventory items.
The other  issue is that the Income Account Number has not been entered, which is what we will cover here in the steps below.

To resolve the issue with the time detail line not having an GL mapping we follow these steps:

  1. Find the original time entry. In our example, it is logged against a service ticket.
  2. In this example, we decided to create one against the service type of the ticket. Our ticket is of type "Proactive" which is part of the "Professional Services" board.
  3. We create a GL mapping for Revenue with Service Type: "Professional Services - Proactive" as per the sample screenshots above, with income account 4-1200.
  4. We then find the invoice in the Invoice Search module in Connectwise. Change the billing status from Closed to New, save it, then back to Closed, save it again. This will apply the new mappings onto that invoice.
  5. We come back to the integration application, click "Retrieve Data" to refresh the list. And we will now find the new mapping applied to our time entry. You can see that the income account 4-1200 now appears in that line. The reason that line still shows highlighted in red is because we haven't yet resolved the other issue about the missing Item Number which is covered in the link provided above.