The Export Screen will appear as per the screenshot below:

Each feature as per the marked number will be explained in detail:

 Feature Number  Description
1 The File Menu contains the following 2 functions:
1. Configuration - will present you with the Configuration Screen 
2. Exit - Exits the System.
 2  The Help Menu contains the following 2 functions:
1. View Help - will navigate you to the Help Website.
2. About Harvest to MYOB Integration - will provide you with a small dialog window, informing you of the current version of this software.
3 This button will fetch the latest Invoice data based on the criteria entered for "From Date" and "Include previously imported invoices"
4 This date field will instruct the System to retrieve invoices from Harvest which have an Issue Date on or after the specified date.
5 Checking this tickbox will instruct the System to retrieve invoices which had already been imported in to MYOB. Un-ticking this box will only look for invoices that hadn't yet been exported to MYOB.
6 This is where the list of Harvest invoices are presented. Here you will be able to select (or unselect) invoices by ticking or unticking the boxes in the left-most column.
7 The right-most column is where the invoice status will appear.

 - will show if an invoice has been imported

will show if there is an error that requires attention.

 - warn you of an avoidable situation. 

If there is no symbol in this column, then there are no issues with the invoice and it is ready to be imported to MYOB. If there is an error or warning, then you can mouse-over this symbol for a brief description of the error/warning. Invoices flagged with an error symbol will not export to MYOB. However, invoices flagged with a warning symbol will export to MYOB.
8 This button will select all invoices in the list.
9 This button will deselect all invoices in the list.
10 This button will attempt to export all invoices to MYOB.
11 This status bar will inform you of the current activity of this export screen.