This section describes the minimum amount of data required before using the Integration software for the first time. 

Please make sure you also follow the instructions for the Configuration Screen.

Your MYOB Accounting Package and your MYOB file

For the Integration software to work properly on a workstation you will need to have the MYOB Accounting Package installed there. For the currently supported versions of MYOB please refer to the Supported MYOB Versions list.

Your company file will not need to reside necessarily in the same computer where the Integration software is installed. It can be in any shared location in your network as long as your Windows user account has read and write permissions to access it.

User account for the integration

We strongly recommend that a new MYOB User is created in your MYOB file which will has a high level of access within it. It is not uncommon to create an MYOB user with the same (or similar) access level to the MYOB "Administrator" user.

The reason for creating this new user (as opposed to using an existing MYOB user account) is to avoid any file locking issues, which can occur when the same MYOB user is concurrently logged in to the same MYOB file from two locations.