This article applies to you if you will be hosting MYOB on site in your own network. If your MYOB company file is hosted in MYOB's cloud then you can skip this article.

The following are the steps you need to follow to properly set up the MYOB AccountRight API to function for this integration. It assumes that you already have it installed. You will just need to make some modifications to it. If you don't follow these steps, then the integration may not be able to connect to your MYOB server properly.

You need to follow these steps only once, before you use the integration app for the first time. There is a chance you will have to repeat these steps when you upgrade MYOB, as the upgrade process may revert the changes made to the configuration file.

What you will need is the following software installed:

  • On the server where the MYOB file resides: Install MYOB AccountRight Server Edition, and make sure the MYOB AccountRight API is also installed.
  • On every computer where MYOB needs to access the company file: Install MYOB AccountRight PC Edition.
  • On the computer where the integration app will be installed: You don't need to install any additional MYOB component. 

On the server where the MYOB file is installed you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the API is installed and running in the MYOB server. To verify that the API is running, open the Task Manager on the server and check that the following services are running:
    MYOB AccountRight Server xxxx.x (version number)
    MYOB AccountRight Library
    MYOB AccountRight Server Locator
  2. Make sure that the API is accessible. To test this, open this URL on a browser on the server: http://localhost:8080/AccountRight/, You should expect to see a page showing the list of MYOB company files. If you will be installing the integration app on a computer different than the server, do the same exercise on that computer, only replace localhost by the actual server name and make sure you see the same list.
  3. Once both of the above work fine, make sure all users are out of MYOB, then stop the API Service. To do this, open the Task Manager on the server and stop MYOBAPIService.
  4. Open the C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\API\2.x.x.x\ folder, where 2.x.x.x corresponds to the version you currently have installed. Example C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\API\2.0.2018.1. In that folder, find the MYOB.AccountRight.API.WindowsServiceHost.exe.config file. Open it with a text editor such as Notepad.
  5. The file is in XML format. Find the PublicAddressServer, PublicAddressPort and InstallationAddress entries under the appSettings node

    change localhost for the name of the server or its IP address in both the PublicAddressServer and the InstallationAddress entries. You can leave the port number to 8080 as per default. Example, if your server name is myserver, then replace those settings by the following:
  6. Save the file and start the MYOBAPIService again.
  7. Test the API again by opening this on the browser on the server: http://localhost:8080/AccountRight/ and verify that in the list of MYOB company files, their API links are now using the server name instead of localhost.

After following these steps, you should now be able to connect from the integration app.