In order to mark Invoices as Exported in Connectwise->

1. under Finance -> Accounting Interface -> Unposted Invoices

2. Select the invoices that you want to mark as posted/exported

3. Deselect any Expenses & Procurement that you do not want to be marked as exported

3.1 Go to tabs Unposted Expenses/Procurement and deselect all the files

4. Go to tab Creation -> First section “To Create an Interface file:”

4.1 Select Include Invoices and Deselect Include Expenses/Procurement Items

4.2 Enter Batch Number- any file name (usual format YYYYMMDDhourminsec)

4.3 Click on Export button

4.4 Save the file on system

5. After exporting the invoices, check in Unposted Invoices-> Should Not exist there anymore

6. Under “Open Batches” -> file with your batch name should exist only with selected invoices (you cannot open the batch but just click on “View”/”Export” and open as .csv)