This section describes how to perform a manual export of invoices and purchases. With this option you will be able to see the details of documents being exported and select which ones to export, or export them all.

For automated scheduled exports refer to the section for Scheduled Automated Transfers.

This screen will be the first one to be shown to you after you log into the application. You can always invoke this screen by opening the Export menu.


This screen has two sections:

  • The filter: at the top
  • The results: at the bottom

The Filter

The filter allows you to list unposted documents from ConnectWise on screen before you actually export them into Xero.

Select Thru Date Show all unposted documents with this date or older.
Include Invoices Enable this option to include invoices in your search. Disable if you do not want to export them.
Include Purchases Enable this option to include procurements in your search. Disable if you do not want to export them.

Hit the Retrieve Documents button to fetch the indicated documents and they will be displayed in the results section below. Only closed documents that have not been exported before will be listed.

The Results

The results section is located below the filter and shows the documents you have indicated on the search filter above.

This section is subdivided in smaller sections, one per type of document as explained below.

Invoice Results

The Invoice result section will only appear if you have selected the option to include invoices in the filter. This section shows a summary of unposted invoices organised into two groups:

  • Invoices Ready for Export: located on the left side, contains all invoices with no errors and that are ready to be exported. It shows a summary containing the number of invoices and the total amount of them. To see the details those invoices click the View Details link.
  • Invoices with Errors: located on the right side, contains all invoices that cannot be exported due to some validation errors. It shows the summary of these invoices, and it has a link to view the details of those faulty invoices.

Procurement Results

This section is laid out the same as invoices, with all the valid procurements on the left side and the ones with errors on the right side, with links to view the corresponding details.

Exporting all valid documents to Xero

To export all valid documents into Xero you can press the Export All Valid Documents button located in the Results section.

This will export all invoices and purchases that are ready to export, i.e. those on the left side showing no errors. This exporting mode does not allow you to manually select which documents to export and which ones to exclude: it exports everything that is ready to be exported. In the next section it is explained how to indicate which documents to export.

When you click on the Export All Valid Documents button you will be shown a summary of documents ready to be exported.

Hit the Export Now button to confirm and start the export process. While exporting please do not leave this page and wait until the process is done.

When the process is finished you will see a green icons signifying the success of the transfer.

If at least one document was rejected by Xero you will see a red icon instead like the following.

In either case you can open the Export Log Results by pressing the red button which will show you in detail which documents failed to export and why. This is how the log looks like.

Here you can see the export status for every invoice, purchase, customer, supplier and product. if any of those were unsuccessful at being exported it will show the respective error message as per returned by Xero so that  you can take corrective actions.

Export only selected documents to Xero

If you do not want to export all unposted invoices and procurements, but instead you want to select which ones to export at a time, open the details of the documents ready to export. In this document we will be explaining how to manually export invoices, but the same applies for procurements.

The first step is to open the list of invoices that are ready to export by clicking the View Details link as show below.

On the following screen you will see the entire list of valid invoices.

This list of invoices show the customer name, the invoice number, the document date and the total amount. It also shows a column called Xero Invoice Number, which is the invoice number containing the prefix and suffix, if any, on the invoice number. If also contains a column called Xero Credit Note Number for the cases of negative invoices. You can see the details of invoices by clicking the  icons to expand them.

Now select the invoices you want to export by ticking their respective boxes.

Then click the Export Selected Invoices button.

This will take you to the export confirmation screen as explained in the previous section and from here you will be able to export and open the export result log at the end of the process.

Handling invalid documents

If there are any invoices or purchases with errors, they will not be able to be exported to Xero until you sort those issues.

In this document we will explain how to handle invalid invoices, and the same will apply for procurements.

To open the details of invalid invoices click the View Details link on the invalid invoice summary of the result section.

This will open up the list of invalid invoices.

Notice how the invoice list is grouped into all different types of errors. Expand each group at a time to see the details of invoices having that issue.

The Error Details on the right side indicates what the issue is. Depending on the nature of the problem you should be able to fix them in any of the following places:

  • ConnectWise: Fix any missing or wrong information on the purchase or the GL account mapping.
  • Xero: Fix any missing information in Xero such as the mapped GL accounts or tax rates, or take care of invoices already registered there.
  • The Export Settings on the integration tool: See for any missing or wrong parameter in your settings.

Once you have fixed these issues try refreshing your unposted document list again until these invoices now appear in the valid group.